Ultimate Blog on Devkund Waterfalls Trek | Tamhini Ghats | Maharastra

Ultimate Blog on Devkund Waterfalls Trek | Tamhini Ghats | Maharastra

The Devkund waterfall is located inside the forest near Bhira village, a scenic village on the downstream near Bhira Dam. The place is bit difficult to find. So you have first reach the Bhira village the base village for the devkund waterfalls trek.  from Bhira village it takes short trek of about 2 hours of brisk trek to reach the Devkund waterfalls. The 5 kms trekking distance includes a mix of hike along the Bhira Dam, wide forest ranges, a small water stream and open fields.  And if you happens to trek post monsoon, we will be amazed to see the lush greeneries and many meandering streams around the waterfall .

Devkund waterfalls , starting point

Start of the Trekking

The first thirty minutes trail is just a lazy flat trail that runs parallel to the old Bhira Dam Reservoir. Then after a small ascent, the trail opens into a huge forest section. Gushy streams, waterfall sections, a bridge, and immense flora marks the total length and bredth of the terrain. Only the sound of the chirping birds and the sound of gushing down stream could be heard pierching through the forest. You will definitely feel like as if you are walking on the cloudy heaven.

A small riverine on way

Enroute to Devkund Waterfalls

Nearing the Devkund Waterfall

After crossing over the forest section and some one hours after, the trail ascends up into a rocky patch of land. Though it’s an easy climb, gear up as it could drain some of your energy. If you have carried your trekking pole it would help you in this patch. Halfway up you will  start hearing the sound of the waterfall dashing closer to you. And finally a panoramic open view will open up and a ;little up the majestic view of the 80 ft  tall plunging beauty will be the sight to behold.

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Devkund waterfalls
Sight to behold

The waterfall has a huge crystal clear water huge water pool. The mesmering crystal clear emerald colored waters will definietly charm you with it’s beauty. Simply soak away in this awesome sight before you. It will surely leave you spellbound by its serene humongous size. 

PC :  Sahyavede Adventures & Outdoors 

Word of Caution during Devkund Waterfalls Trek

Of recently due to a huge rush of demand for trek to devkund waterfalls there has been a great pop up of trekking agencies catering the trek to devkund waterfalls. Many are novice in this field and they are there to milk some quick money. So my word of caution for you is to book your trek with some well known trekking agencies or individuals who are expert. Also when trekking in heavy monsoon do look out for weather report beafore venturing there. There has been many cases of death due to negligence on this trek route. Prepare well and be cautious, after all you are there to enjoy the trek.

Missing Pune trekkers found dead at Maharashtra’s Devkund, police .

Alarmed over rising deaths, Raigad to keep register for trekkers – News

Mumbai: 55 students trapped at Devkund waterfalls rescued

The trek is well marked and you can also go solo to reach the waterfalls. But do keep a note of caution to not drift off from the well marked path. There are chances of you, getting off track and getting lost in the dense foliage around the main path leading to the Devkund waterfalls. Also do keep in mind to retun back before evening time as you may get into difficulty finding a right path way back to the base village. Everything else it’s an easy pizzy trek.

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How to Reach Devkund waterfalls from Pune.

The distance of Bhira village from Pune is around 170kms . And to there one has to reach the base of the Bhira Dam via Tamhini Ghat road  . Look out for a parking space and start for the trek.

Google Map distance of Devkund Waterfalls from Pune : 170 kms

Google map distance of Devkund Waterfalls from Mumbai : 150kms

How to Reach Devkund waterfalls from Mumbai.

The Distance from Mumbai is around 150km to reach the starting point ,Bhira village.

Guides can also be hired at Bhira village at a nominal starting price of Rs 400 (contact Pramod -7276283442 or Prashant-8149365211 ) . Fooding facilities are also available at Rs 150 per head.

You can also reach the above mobile numbers for any booking a group trek or for doing a family with kids trek to Devkund waterfalls.

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