Kabini National Reserve | Best Places Of Visit In Karnataka

Kabini National Reserve | Best Places Of Visit In Karnataka

Located amongst lush green and the serene river, Kabini national reserve is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the state of Karnataka. Once a private hunting area for the erstwhile Maharaja of Mysore this famous wildlife destination is now a perfect vacation destination. Amidst the backdrop of thick Jungle forest and imposing waterfalls it is rich with variety of flora and fauna.With hints of various elements of nature, be it a huge span of forest or an abundance of wildlife, ranging from the carnivores to mammals to birds or the terrain each type here is a part of nature that compliments each other. Which is why this gorgeous tourist spot is now a much sorted out place as a popular weekend get away from a busy and hectic schedule to indulge closely with the nature.

Kabini, leopard pics

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Kabini is nestled on the banks of Kabini River and on the southern fringes of the Nagarahole National Park it has lot to offer. Right from the Jungle Safari, boating facilities or trekking in Nagarhole Forest, kabini beckons with a promise for sighting of wild animals like elephants, gaur, deer and a if you are lucky of tiger. It being a home to a vast wildlife population and many rare species of flora tops the list of a must visit destination for all nature lovers.

 Kabini reserve

It is also a preferable destination for many wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, providing opportunities for sightings of the most illusive animals like leopard or Black Panther of the western ghats. Kabini is among few places in the country that offers various exciting opportunities to spot little less popular, yet abundantly seen animals like sambhar, Spotted deer, cheetal and includes more than 250 different species of exclusive migratory birds.

fauna in KAbini national reserve forest

Crocodiles in the riverfront of River Kabini

Evening pics  In Kabini

Evening In Kabini

Kabini also provides an option for experience its  rich flora and fauna from up near through wildlife safari. There is no better way to immerse oneself in the wilderness than a wildlife safari. These safaris are conducted two times a day in the sanctuary. One is during the early hours of the day and in the evening, when the heat from the Sun douses. Depending on the availability and personal choices one can opt for the paid safari from any of the two available slots for enjoying a thrilling safari. usually early morning safaris are the best time to witness most of the animals of the reserve, who step out for water and food, before the day’s temperatures rises. Evening safaris can also be considered a good time for the safari, as there are ample opportunities to spot the spots, i.e. the leopards that rule this corner of Nagarhole. You can even hire a boat for a boat ride. Even a boat ride down the River Kabini will rewards you with numerous sightings of elephants herds,, crocodiles sunning themselves and hued birds flitting in and out of the forest’s green canopy.

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Best Time to Visit Kabini National Reserve

The River Kabini Lodge is a great place to visit any time of the year. But during the sweltering months of March, April and May, the chances for sighting the animals including the leopards rises up as these are the time when the pools and springs in the forest dry up that brings the animals to the banks of the River Kabini. Summer safaris skirt the dry river beds during this time of the year. In the mornings, visitors can hop on the back of elephants for a ride. During the monsoons months of July, August and September the forests thick lush makes a perfect hiding place for the rather ellusive animals like the tiger and the leopards which make their sighting of them less common. Whatever may the month of your visit , you will definitely enjoy being there.

The Jungle Safari Timing  in Kabini are from morning 6:00am till 8:30am and from 3:30pm  till 6:00pm  in the evening.


Grey Eyed Fish Eagle

Where to Stay in Kabini National Reserve

The Kabini River Resort, The Serai Resorts, Kabini Lake View Resort, Red Earth Resort, Discovery Village Resort, The Bison Resort, Kaav Safari Resort, Waterwoods Lodge and many more lodging option in Kabini are available.  Some of these are right near the river front and are government owned properties. But if you are lucky enough to get confirmed stay during your visit, you can just imagine waking at the crack of dawn, witnessing the wild rousing from its slumber and setting forth for the experience of your life. Yes its possible only at the Kabini river Lodges. The cost for a couple stay at Kabini Resorts may go up Rs 12000 per night.

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Kabini Jungle resorts


Kabini Reserve forest Lodges

The lodging options available in Kabini

How To Reach Kabini National Reserve

By Roadways  : It is about 220 kilometers away from Bangalore. One an easily get a KSRTC bus to reach Kabini . Else can Hire a cab/taxi to reach Kabini.

Google distance of Kabini from Bangalore : 220Kms

Google distance of Kabini from Mysore : 59Kms

Google distance of Kabini from Coorg : 119Kms

Google distance of Kabini from Ooty : 29Kms

Google distance of Kabini from Hyderabad : 778 Kms

Google distance of Kabini from Chennai : 541Kms

By Airways. The nearest airport of Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is Bangalore.

By Railways. The nearest railway station to Kabini is the Mysore Railways station which is at a distance of Kms.

Google distance map of Kabini from Mysore Railway Station : 61 Kms


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