Martand Sun Temple | The Hindu Temple of Kashmir Valley

Martand Sun Temple | The Hindu Temple of Kashmir Valley

Martand Surya Temple at Mattan is an archeological site of great national heritage and of significance cultural importance. It is situated in the small town of Mattan, near the ancient town of Anantnag. Built on top of a plateau region it provides a panoramic view of whole of the Kashmir Valley. The Temple was commissioned in the 8th century AD, by the Karkota Dynasty’s third king, King Lalitaditya Muktapida. The temple is one of its kind that has been built in Kashmiri architectural style and has influence of the few other architectural style like Gandhara, and Gupta forms of architecture .


Martand Surya Temple
Main entrance of Martand Surya Temple


Martand Surya Temple
Small temple structures in the eastern side of the main temple


Martand Surya Temple


Martand Surya Temple
Old Inscription on the walls of Martand Surya Temple

In whole of India there are three reputed temple sites where Lord Sun as the main diety were worshipped. Along with Martand Sun Temple, the other two important historical sites are the Surya temple at Moderna in the state of Gujarat and the Konark Sun temple at Konark,  in the state of Odisha. These three Surya temples faced series of destruction in the hand of Muslim invaders. And much of its past glories and history are now in ruins.


Martand Surya Temple
Idols on the Outer walls of Martand Surya Temple


Martand Surya Temple
West Side Entrance gate


This lesser known place in the Kashmir valley still has its great aura and its rich architectural legacy attracts many tourists in the valley of Kashmir. It is arguably the last remaining sites of great importance for the followers of Sanatan Dharmis, in the UT of Kashmir. And I hope people of Kashmir, will preserve its glory for the coming generation.

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Distance Chart from famous places of visit in Kashmir

Distance of Martand Surya Temple from  Anantnag : 9 Kms

Distance of Martand Surya Temple from  Pahalgam : 38 kms

Distance of Martand Surya Temple from  Aru valley : 50Kms

Distance of Martand Surya Temple from  Srinagar : 67Kms

Distance of Martand Surya Temple from  Gulmarg : 118 Kms

Distance of Martand Surya Temple from  Jammu : 207 Kms


Best Time to Visit Martand Surya Temple

Martand can be visited any month of the year. Usually people visit it during the months of Summers i.e during the month of May till August. But one can also visit Martand Surya Temple, during the harsh winters season. The whole landscape looks surreal under the garb of the white snow.

How to Plan For a Visit to Martand Sun Temple

The Sun temple is near to 9 kms from the Srinagar- Anantnag  highway. Coming from Srinagar, after crossing over Pampore town, take the road to the left at Khanabal crossing that goes uphill to Martand Sun Temple. 

Opening/Closing Timing of Martand Sun Temple

The temple is Open 24 hours. But do plan for a visit only during the day time. The neighbourhood after evening is not safe due to security reasons.

Places of visit nearby to Martand Sun Temple

Just 4 kms away from Martand Surya Temple , at Mattan village is yet another marvelous lesser known Hindu temple site in Kashmir i.e Sri Martand temple. The beauty and the ambience of this holy place is definietly a must visit for all Santan Dharmis of Kashmir valley.  The temples in the complex are the last major temples in whole Kashmir valley where regular and daily pooja are conducted. The temple complex contains temples of major Hindu God and Godesses and are quite ancient in their origin. The temple has a natural spring fed, pond which is considered to be holy. Thousands of fishes swims in its cold torquise water. Touching the fishes in the tank or swimming in the pond is prohibited. 

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Sri Martand Surya Temple Mattan

Distance of Sri Martand Temple at Mattan from Martand Surya Temple : 4Kms


Sri Martand Temple, Mattan Map distance


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