Chitkul, Last Village Of India : Kinnaur Valley

Chitkul, Last Village Of India : Kinnaur Valley

Chitkul, is located on the banks of river Baspa, in the Kinnaur Valley region of Himachal Pradesh. Nestling lazily at a height of 3450 meters, Chitkul is said to be the last village of India on the Indo-Tibetan border. This hamlet is at a distance of 100 kms from the nearest touristy offbeat place of Himachal i.e Sarahan village. It takes not more than 3 hours to reach Chitkul from the picturesque Sarahan village.

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Roads to Chitkul

Being an offbeat place The roads to Chitkul, is immensely popular for being mesmerizingly yet pleasing natural beauty all around. Being the last village camp to many popular yet difficult treks in the region, it attracts all type of travelers and adventure seekers. Few of the popular yet difficult treks that begins from Chitkul are the Lamkhamba Pass trek, Borasu Pass trek. And few others that are relatively easy day treks is the Rani Kanda Meadows’s trekking route.

Baspa River, Chitkul

Most part of the year Chitkul, remains covered with snow and it remains cut of from rest of the major nearby towns and villages. Come the months of July till the months of September, It’s surrounding scenery of valleys gets an overhauled.

Early July, Chitkul’s weather remains mostly windy and with occasional heavy downpour it see landslides on its approach roads. So, its recommended to avoid visiting Chitkul during the months of June and July. Its during the end of August, the valleys sees warm Sun overhanging the clear sky. Lit with billions of colorful blossoms, the whole valley sees a fresh green cover.

A downpour or two in the evening and the heavenly feeling of cozily sipping a cup of tea is simply beyond comprehensible. The evening haze and the hanging fog further ante up it’s bucolic beauty.

More you gaze on it’s beauty, the more you get charmed.

Baspa riverfront

Best Time To Visit Chitkul

The best months to visit Chitkul is definitely the months of August and September. The connecting roads are relatively free of landslide debris and the sky is clear with manageable night temperature.

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How to Reach Chitkul

There are no Flights or trains to reach Chitkul. The only way to reach Chitkul is by state transport bus or by hiring private taxi from Shimla or Sarahan. Chitkul, being the last village of India and strategically located, is well connected with Shimla and rest of Spiti valley. It is at a distance of 110 kms from the Sarahan Village and a mere 25 Kms from Sangla Village.

Google map distance of Chitkul from Sangla : 25 Kms

Google map distance of Chitkul from Sarahan : 110 Kms

Google map distance of Chitkul from Shimla : 244 kms

Google map distance of Chitkul from Chandigarh : 350Kms

Google map distance of Chitkul from Manali : 320Kms

Where To Stay in Chitkul

With the influx of regulars and travelers from all around the world, many homestays and zostels have came up to cater the increase in demand for safe and cozy stay at Chitkul. The popular and the cheapest options are definitely the homestays. The locals running these homestays are honest and humble. Known for their warm hospitality, do find some time to interact with the locals to know their ancient and unique culture. You will definitely find them spontaneous and jolly peoples to interact with.

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Activities to Do When in Chitkul

  • Chitkul is the last village of India and is near to the international border. You can go for a day hike to the Nagashi ITBP post which is just 4 km away.
  • Further ahead, visit Ranikanda Meadows which is at a distance of 10 km.
  • Lamkhamba Trek. Its a 8-10 days of trek that begins from Rishikesh and reach Chitkul via Lamkhamba Pass(5300 meters). Trek is of average 90kms distance and is deemed a difficult trek. Do read the awesome Blog by Gautam Baliga to know more.
  • Borasu Pass Trek . Borasu Pass lies at an altitude of 5,450 meters and divides HP and Uttarakhand . Its a 6 days of rigorous trek that begins from Chitkul and culminate at Sankri in Uttarakhand. To know more read the Blog by late Sathya here.

Nearby Places Of Visit in Chitkul

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