Exhaustive Travel Guide For Sangla Valley | Himachal Pradesh

Exhaustive Travel Guide For Sangla Valley | Himachal Pradesh

Sangla village, is among one of the most stunning destinations in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Home to postcard mountain villages with wooden huts, it is the largest village of the Sangla valley in Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by breathtaking view of snowy and jagged panorama, Sangla’s natural beauty is at it’s best. Sangla Valley is at a mere distance of 80 kms from the yet another immensely popular touristy destination, Sarahan. As compared to other popular holiday destinations, Sangla village is not overly crowded. And with superb road connectivity, with NH -5 it is also a popular weekends holiday destination.

Sangla Valley Pics
River Baspa

The road leading to Sangla are flanked by gorgeous apple orchards. And the mountains all around, rimmed by snow-capped peaks and forested slopes, makes the whole scenery look, so surreal. The roaring sound of the mighty Baspa river, the chirping of birds and the tingly icy cold breeze, complements the village’s idyllic landscape. Getting out on a brisk walk around the Sangla valley of Himachal Pradesh, doesn’t have to be a big event. Just a lazy stroll, wearing a friendly smile will make you feel a whole lot blissful.

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, there is a rapture on the lonely lanes, this is the place where none intrudes, but the sound of the mountains and the rivers: i love not man less, but nature more”


Sangla Valley Pics
Solitude in Sangla Valley

Best Time to Visit Sangla

The best time to visit the Sangla Village and the Baspa River Valley are the Summer months of May and June. The temperature during these months hovers around 30°C and weather remains quite pleasant.

Beyond these months, the valley experience some serious heavy rainfalls. And it is, then only after the month of September, that the monsoon subsides, giving way to clear sky yet chilly nights. Which opens up another short window for a travel to Sangla. September is also the month when monsoon has just passed and the valley is at its full blossom.

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The wintry months of November till February has its own charm. Only perks are, cheap hotels or home stay accommodations and literally zero touristy crowd.

How to Reach Sangla

Sangla Village of Himachal Pradesh is well connected with the capital city of Shimla. The mode of travel depends all upon the budget of the traveler. Below are few infos and recommendations to reach Sangla Village.

By Taxi: If you are a bunch of adventure junkies, the best option to reach Sangla, is always to hire a private taxi from Shimla. Its lot more fun in travelling with like minder. Below is the most preferred route to reach Sangla:-

Shimla – Narkanda – Rampur –Jeori – Karcham – Sangla

By Bus: There are HRTC Buses available from the Shimla ISBT Tutikandi bus stand. You  can also book your seat online on HRTC official website. Just hop on the  bus that leaves Shimla Bus stand at around 7:00 – 7:15 AM and alight at Karcham. From Karcham book a private taxi or take a ride on the local taxis or if lucky hitchhike to reach Sangla. Few buses also go up till Chitkul, but i have no confirmation on the info.

I won’t recommend this bus option as the bus services are erratic and too boring after few hours. It takes or say wastes, a whole day just to reach Sangla from Shimla ISBT. Perfect only for shoe string budget travelers.

Google Map distance of Sangla from Rakcham : 14 kms

Google Map distance of Sangla from Reckong Peo : 41 Kms

Google Map distance of Sangla from Sarahan. : 84Kms

Google Map distance of Sangla from Kaza : 224 Kms

Google Map distance of Sangla from Shimla : 230 Kms. via NH5

Google Map distance of Sangla from Chandigarh : Around 330 Kms. via NH5

Google Map distance of Sangla from New Delhi : Around 570 Kms. via NH44 and NH5 (Delhi to Sangla)

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Where to Stay at Sangla

You will find plenty of options of cheap and safe homestays, available in Sangla Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Depending on facilities available these homestays charges a dirt price rate of Rs 500 – Rs700 on shared basis.  A little privacy minding travelers, can find few hotels that charges Rs 1200-Rs 2000 for a room on a per day basis. Recently there are also few hop in and hop out backpackers hostels available which charge on per hours basis.

There are few PWD rest houses available at Sangla, Chitkul, Rackham, and Karcham. To book these rooms one has to do a pre-booking and are only available for Indian Citizens.

If the above options seems bland, go on to rent a tent on one of the many campsites in and around Sangla, Rakcham and Chitkul. The prices can go steep in the peak seasons. And can range around RS 1500 – Rs 2000 for a tent on non sharing basis.

Fooding options available in Sangla

Mostly fooding available in  is taken care by the owners of Homestays. The food is mostly vegan, and has a unique Kinnauri taste that is little spicy.

If you are fond of non vegan diet then, Sangla may disappoint you. The main village area strictly forbids non vegan food to be available in any form in any shops. And so there are no restaurants, there that offer non vegan diets in their menu. However you can find one or two butchers shops outside of the Sangla village that sells chicken and goat meat. But, the catch is they mostly sell packed frozen chicken which are doubtful for their freshness. It is advisable to bring your own non vegan meats before entering Sangla valley.

Nearby places of Visit in Sangla

  1. Kamru Fort
Kamru Fort, Sangla Valley

2. Bering Nag Temple

Bering Nag Temple
Bering Nag Temple, Sangla


3. Chitkul


Baspa River, Chitkul
Baspa River, Chitkul


VC : Ankur Gupta

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