Tandem Paragliding | Kamshet | Maharastra | Travel And Trekking

Tandem Paragliding | Kamshet | Maharastra | Travel And Trekking

Some 50 km away from the Pune city, lies a small offbeat place named Kamshet. Very near to Lonavala railway station it is a popular destination for the recreational and adventure sport of paragliding. Come the month of March to June when the westerlies winds swoops the high mountains of Kamshet, People from far and away visit this rather sleepy village, just to experience the true ecstasy of indulging in raw adventure, like flying a para glider. Perfect for the experts and the newbies alike, be it flying tandem or flying solo, everyone visiting this place gets an uninhibited dose of adventure. No doubt why, Kamshet is rated as the no #1 adventure destination and maming it a must visit for all adventure loving people visiting the state of Maharashtra.


Like every other adventure sports, Paragliding is also a tricky sport which depends purely on the strength of the wind speed and humidity. The call to fly usually comes during the morning hours else the next best flying conditions come by during the late evening time. It is during these time of the day, when the westerlies wind hit the high mountains and the upward thrust that it creates, provides the optimum lift, ideal for gliders to catch the winds. So, as can be deduced sometimes it gets really very tiring, waiting for the right flying conditions to come by.



Once you reach the paragliding point at Kamshet, strap down yourself with your paragliding gears and get ready to fly like a birds with a 20ft glider wings of your own. It will be an exhilarating experience of your lifetime.

How to reach Paragliding Point at Kamshet

Kamshet is at a distance of 48kms from the Pune city. On route to Lonavala via Old-Mumbai Pune Highway take a right turn towards Kamshet. From there if you have your personal vehicle can reach the Shinde wadi hills.

Where to book for Paragliding in Kamshet

You have to prebook your paragliding activity via some of the many paragliding agencies. The best among them are Temple Pilots , Fly Nirvana and Indus paragliding. These agencies employs the best in the industry and have quite a long and safe history of conducting paragliding activities , also tandem paragliding.

Contact Sayali from temple Pilots to book yourself : +91 7507177860
Paragliding Cost in Kamshet

The basic 10 min of tandem fly time will cost you Rs 2500 onwards, per person . The 20 minutes of tandem fly time with acrobatics will cost you Rs 4000 onwards, per person. Again cost for videography may cost you extra Rs 500. Videography is free if you bring your own memory card and provide it to your fly master.

Distance Map to reach Kamshet

Google map distance of Kamshet from Pune : 48 Kms

Google map distance of Kamshet from Mumbai : 105kms

Google map distance of Kamshet from Lonavala : 20 kms

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