A Travel Blog on Rani-Ki-Vav, The Queen’s Stepwell at Patan | Travel And Trekking

A Travel Blog on Rani-Ki-Vav, The Queen’s Stepwell at Patan | Travel And Trekking

Located on the banks of river Saraswati ,Rani ki vav is an intricately constructed stepwell situated in the town of Patan in Gujarat, India. The stepwell is said to have been constructed as a memorial by queen Udayamati around 1050 AD in the memory of her deceased king Bhimdev I of Solanki dynasty.




Stepwells were a distinctive form of subterranean water resource and storage systems during mediaval times.Rani ki vav was built in the complex Maru-Gurjara architectural style resembling an inverted temple with levels of stairs counting to seven .It holds around 800 principle sculptures among seven galleries. Many of these are in devotion to Lord Vishnu and his many avatars in the forms of Dus-Avatars Kalki, Rama, Mahisasurmardini, Narsinha, Vaman, Varahi and others representing their return to the world. Nagkanya, Yogini beautiful women – Apsaras are the other sculptures which can be seen in abundances.



Following the flooding and disappearance of the Saraswati river due to geotectonic changes during 13th century AD ,it got buried under layers of silt for almost seven centuries .It was until 1980 AD that it was rediscovered by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) .




The stepwell is 64 m long, 20 m wide and 27 m deep.The steps begin at ground level, leading you down through the cool air through several pillared pavilions to reach the deep well below. Currently the lower level of the sites are out of bound due to restoration works .


It was added to the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites on 22 June 2014.

How To Reach Rani ki Vav from Ahmedabad:

Rani ki Vav is 130km away from the Ahmedabad city .Ahmedabad is well connected with Train and via direct flights from most of the major airports of India.

One has to either book a taxi from Ahmedabad city to reach Rani ki Vav which is in the Patan town in Mehsana district of Gujarat state .Cost may be around Rs 1500 for a round trip.

Or otherwise catch a Bus from Ahmedabad city Central bus stand to Patan bus stop and then catch a taxi/auto for the 8km journey from bus stop to the site . May cost you Rs 50.



Local Commutation on a tuk tuk

Best Time to visit Rani ki Vav.

It is open round the year .But its advisable to visit during winters when temperature is cool .

Where to stay :-

There are no good places to stay in Patan. But you can find decent and cheap hotels in Mehasana town and can drive or take a bus to reach Patan.

Visiting Time for Rani Ki Vav.

The Rani Ki Vav opens everyday at .30am in the Morning and closes at 7pm.

Patan Ka Patola Sarees

*Apart from Rani Ki Vav stepwell Patan is world famous for its famous Patola sarees .Which the master crasftmens of Patan use to weave since 11th century AD. A must visit place called ,Patan Patola Heritage Museum run by Salvi family ,while on return from the stepwell. Patan Patola Heritage Museum.The house contains and sells the fine handmade textiles known for its unique apperance and design .Visit the link below if you wants to know more http://www.patanpatola.com/index.html .


Patola Sarees . PC : Google Images

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