Best Places Of Visit While In Srinagar | Kashmir Valley

Best Places Of Visit While In Srinagar | Kashmir Valley

Much have been written and known of the ethereal beauty of the Kashmir Valley. Right from the famous Shikara rides in the Dal lake, to the sprawling and beautiful Mughal Gardens. There are lot that one can expect from a visit to the Kashmir Valley, and beyond.  One cannot describe it’s sublime beauty with mere words, for that one  has to visit the Kashmir valley. So once you are here in Kashmir valley, the main question that might pop up is how to spend his/her best time in this land of Heaven on Earth i.e Kashmir. So here is a list of  some of the popular spots to visit and a small travel guide so as to help you spend fantastic days travelling in Srinagar?

   1. Dal Lake:

A morning/evening shikara boat ride around the Dal lake is one of the best memory you will take home from your visit to Srinagar. The famous house boats etiquettely arranged in a row and the floating market area makes this a memorable and exciting experience. You can also book your stay atone of the many heritage house boats to experience an authentic experience of the Kashmiri culture.

Dal Lake
Shikara Boat Ride, Dal Lake

    2. Shalimar Garden:

It is the largest of all the gardens in the Srinagar town. It is based on typical Mughal Char Baagh style where the fountains in and the water stream in the middle of the Garden, describes the manifestation of heaven on Earth. This garden is believed to have a different charm in different seasons. Lush green in the months of summers, golden hue in autumn and carries a rusty surreal view in the old months of winters. To see its beauty in different colour’s and all it’s different pleasures to visit it during the golden hours of the evenings.

Shalimar Garden

   3.Nishat Gardens:

Built around 17th century, Nishat Gardens is the second largest garden in Srinagar. It lies on the eastern side of the Dal Lake and also popularly known by name ‘Garden Of Bliss’. The garden is famous for it well manicured, terraced garden with fountains & huge pools.

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Nishat Garden

   4. Chashme Shahi Garden :

Yet another beautiful garden in Srinagar, Chasme Shahi garden is known for its Bucolic garden & freshwater springs. The view of landscaped terraced greens, waterfalls & fountains are pure bliss for the eyes. Once there do taste the water of the freshwater spring at the very end of the garden. The water from this spring is believed to have curative values.

chashma shahi garden


   5. Pari Mahal :

Also known as The Palace of Fairies, Pari Mahal is a seven-terraced garden that is located at the top of Zabarwan mountain range. Pari Mahal is famous for its The old building structures and the well manicured terraced garden that overlooks the city of Srinagar. One can also get a great view of the majestic Dal Lake that makes it a place worth a visit.

Pari Mahal Srinagar
Pari Mahal

   6. Shankaracharya Temple :

Shankaracharya Temple is famous for being an ancient Hindu shrine located on top of the 1100ft high Gopadari hill on the Zabarwan Range. It is believed to be built around 2nd century BC and is one of the important heritage sites of ancient Kashmir valley. The shrine has an ancient Shiva temple for which Shankaracharya hill is a much revered place for Hindu religion. It is also an important military communication base for which you will have to cross across multiple military checkposts. A fleet of near to  thousand stairs takes you to the top of the hill. Due to it being a vital military installation area  you will be liable to be frisked and will be asked to leave your mobile phones and cameras in the locker room before entering its inner premises. The Shankaracharya Temple remains open till 8:00pm every day but the entry of the cars in the parking area is only allowed up to 5:00 pm.

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   7. Burzahom Archaeological Site :

This  UNESCO World Heritage site is of great archaeological and of cultural significance, in the Kashmir Valley. The archaeological excavations in the region has revealed four phases of cultural significance between 3000 BC and 1000 BC. Few shards of pottery,  bones and stone tools have also been excavated in the region. Based on detailed investigations and findings under the stratified deposits it has now been ascertained that there were prehistoric human activities in the Kashmir valley. The site also has physical evidences of the ancient flora and fauna. It is at a distance of 10Kms from the Dal Lake region of Srinagar.

Burzahom Archaeological Site
Burzahom Archaeological Site

Best Authentic Traditional Food of Kashmir To Try

Now coming to our best loved topic i.e the traditional Kashmiri food. Kashmir valley is famous for its mouth watering and the exquisite Kashmiri Wazwan cuisine. It is primarily famous for its assorted primarily 36 varieties of non vegetarian dishes which comprises of mutton, chicken, fruits, and vegetables. The dishes like Rogan Josh, rista, and goshtaba are few of its mouth watering signature dishes. These dishes are usually served with saffron rice that makes its a truly wholesome cuisine for a group of people. 

Kashmiri Wazwan food dishes


The below restaurants you should try out that, serves the best Wazwan dishes in whole of the Srinagar town


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