About Me

Hi , I am Anup an IT Engineer ,who loves to travel .To say a few words about me, I have been smitten by travel bug that has comes up naturally. Usually, likes to travel solo but never misses the chance to travel with awesome and like minded travel lust people.  During my last 5 years of traveling, I have chanced to visit most of the Indian states and experienced the warm hospitality of people from various walks of Life. I am also a trekking freak who has summited some of the difficult high altitude mountains in India and am aiming to summit all of the fourteen , 8000+ meters mountain peak before turning 40 of age.

Cricket and Art are, some of the other interests of mine which I routinely pursue.

If you want to reach me contact me at travelntrekking@gmail.com . I will be happy to hear from you and Thank you .

Favorite Quote:-

“World is a open library ,each books in there presents a unique story and i am here to read them out all ….”

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