Andharban Trek During Monsoon | Travel And Trekking

Andharban Trek  During Monsoon | Travel And Trekking
Trekking season is on and if you are thinking of heading to some great trekking destination around Mumbai and Pune, go for ‘The Andharban Trek’. Andharban or Dark Forest trek as it is being called upon is among the most sought after trekking route of Maharastra. This trek is a unique one where you will not only get the thrill of walking under the dense forest cover and will also get to see the Plus valley region -The source for Kundalika river.
The best time to do Andharban trek is during the monsoon and post monsoon season time .The trek is rated as of moderate difficulty, only because of its relatively long route .
Someone with good fitness will take no more than 5 hours to reach the Andharban trek end point at Bhira dam.
The start point of this trek is at Pimpri Dam,Tamhini ghat .Reaching there is pretty much easy .And if your concern is for vehicle parking then you need not have to worry .As there are ample space available for 50 buses .Your vehicle driver has to just drop you off near Pimpri Dam and then have o move towards the Andharban Trek end point i.e Bhira dam some 36km away from the start point.
A recently update – some locals have started collecting Rs 50 per person as entry fee .
Thick vegetation all around
Foggy landscape
Once you start you will find that the path is pretty much laid out .For caution and gidance of trekkers,tags have beeing placed throughout the path .One can also hire a local guide at the start point for as low as Rs 500 .
You will start the trek which is at an altitude of 2100 fts and it involves downward gradual descent till bhira dam .The most intimidating factor of this 13+ kms long trek is walking through the dense and dark forest cover .You will be amazed to hear the call of the forest and the breathtaking views of valleys with inumerable waterfalls will blow your mind .
Hirdi village
Hirdi Village is the resting point for the trekkers , that serves as the only human habitation in the entire route.Villagers of hirdi care small in count and serves butter milk and basic rice and dal food .The trek concludes at yet another dam called the Bhira dam which is also the source of the Kundalika river which is famous for its White Water Rafting. 30% of the trek is all descend and remaining is normal walking.
While on the route we can see the beauty of places like Ghangad, Tailbaila, Sarasgad, Plus valley, Tamhini ghat, Kundalika valley.
Best Time for the trek:
During the Monsoon season June till August.
Andharban trek route map from Pune
  Andharban trek Route from Pune.jpg
How to reach starting point of Andharban Trek.
One has to take the route of Tamhini ghat road and take the MCKS Ashram Road to reach the Andharban trail point start .

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