Sangla – A Hidden Offbeat destination in the land of Himachal Pradesh

Sangla – A Hidden Offbeat destination in the land of Himachal Pradesh

Away from the hustle bustle of the the popular touristy destination of Himachal Pradesh, Sangla is yet another hidden gem of the region. It is an overnight journey from the Shimla city, which is just 220 kms away. Known for its pretty Apple orchards, flanked by lofty and bare mountain ranges, Sangla is where the river Baspa ambles down the wooded forest valley of of pine, birch and deodhar trees. It’s brilliant jade blue skyline, cornice mountain roads amids the ethereal contrasting view of high, rocky mountains makes it a picture perfect weekends getaway destination.

Sangla Valley

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Being close to the Indo-Tibet border, Sangla’s upper reaches mostly has an influence of Buddhism and in it’s lower region a glittering influence of Hindu Kinnauri culture is seen. No doubt why Sangla is often referred to be a place where there is a hot pot amalgamation of both the ancient historically rich religions.




Entrance to our Homestay in Sangla


View of Sangla Valley from our Homestay’s rooftop


So while in Sangla do not forget to stroll lazily around the rolling mountain meadows filled with colorful wild flowers, small streams and pine forests to make out the most from this picturesque off beat places in Himachal Pradesh.


Famous places of visit in Sangla

Of the many places of visit in Sangla are Kamru Fort, Shree Bairing Nag Temple and the Buddhist monastery are the popular places of visit. These historically important places are old and known for the many antique wooden architecture on the temple walls and in its doors.

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Shree Bairing Nag Temple.Note the Kumaoni Topi worn by the people

The Bairing Nag temple is dedicated to Lord Jagas, also known as Lord Shiva, whom the local people worship for the well being of the village and its inhabitant. Every year in the month of  August and September an annual fair called “Fulaich fair” is held in its premises. It bring in tourist as well as local people from far away villages.


Kamru Fort


Amids the exudingly stunning views of the magnificent Himalayas is the Kamru fort. It used to be a fortified fort that now encloses a 15th century shrine of Lord Badrinath. The fortified fort was designed to ward off invaders. Such was it’s design that to reach its main entrance gate one has to cross through a labyrith of narrow alleys with many series of gates.

The fort’s main gate has a statue of Lord Buddha. The entry to this fort can only be done once you wear a Kumaoni Cap and wear a Kamar band around your waist. The third floor of the fort now houses an old idol of Goddess Kamakhya which is believed to be brought from the city of Guwahati, Assam. The main structure has gone weak after with standing centuries of harsh weather and temperature. So only once a year it’s gates are wide opened for general Public. During that period of time a village fair dedicated to the deity is arranged.



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Buddhist Monastery Sangla

This small monastery is under the same premises of the Bairing Nag temple. Peaceful and calm place to be in.


Best time to visit Sangla

The months of March till June and from the months of September till late December are said to be the best times to explore Sangla. The summers temperature never reaches 30 degrees and the rainfall is not as heavy as in other plain areas of Himachal. Since landslides and road blockages are common during the months of Monsoon, do take extra caution and keep some buffer days, when you visit this place.


How to Reach Sangla

Sangla can only be reached by roadways. And the nearest place connected via flight is the capital city of Shimla and Kullu.

Google Map distance of Sangla From Narkanda : 104 kms

Google Map distance of Sangla From Chitkul ; 23 Kms

Google Map distance of Sangla From Shimla : 242 Kms

Google Map distance of Sangla From Kullu : 245 Kms

Google Map distance of Sangla From Chandigarh : 334 Kms

Google Map distance of Sangla From Delhi : 570Kms

There are many government buses running between Shimla and Kaza via Sangla. You can hop into these buses to reach Sangla.

Alternatively if you have a private car under your disposal you can take the recommended route to Sangla: Shimla –> Kufri –> Fagu –> Rampur –> Tapri –> Karcham –> Sangla.


Where to Stay in Sangla

There are many homestay available in the Sangla valley . You won’t find that difficult.

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