Ultimate Blog on – Devkund Waterfalls Trek | Tamhini Ghats | Maharastra

Ultimate Blog on – Devkund Waterfalls Trek | Tamhini Ghats | Maharastra

The Devkund waterfall is located deep inside the forest near Bhira village which is on the downstream of Bhira Dam. Trek’s base camp Bhira village is at a distance of roughly 100 kms via Tamhini ghat from Pune city. One can easily reach there by private vehicle or state transport buses that have a good frequency from the Shivajnagar bus stop and takes not more than 3 hours to reach.

Once you reach at the base village find a good vehicle parking spot and take the eastern path towards the high mountains on your left side. The trek from Bhira village to Devkund Waterfall is easy to reach and hardly takes about 2 hours to trek. This 4.5 kms trekking distance to reach the Devkund waterfalls includes a mix of hiking along the Bhira Dam and along the beautiful lush green forest ranges and streams.

Start of the Trekking

A small riverine on way

Enroute to Devkund Waterfalls

Nearing the Devkund Waterfall

As you trek along the paths, you’ll get a thrilling experience of embarking on a beautiful trails that will make you fall in love with the place. Devkund waterfalls is categorized as a plunge waterfall as it pours massive amounts of water on the rocky surface underneath. It is also believed to be the origin of the Kundalika river so caution should be taken from littering this holy place. The crystal clear emerald colored waters makes the beauty of the waterfall seems unrealistic .

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Temple above Devkund Waterfall. The origin of river Kundalika.

PC: Deepak Barik

Icy Cold water of the Devkund waterfalls during the monsoon

PC :  Sahyavede Adventures & Outdoors 

It will surely leave you spellbound by its serene humongous size. As a whole a perfect place to bask and take a dive in the icy cold waters with your friends.

Word of Caution during Devkund Waterfalls Trek

Off recently, due to a huge rush of demand for trek to devkund waterfalls there has been a great pop up of trekking agencies catering the trek to devkund waterfalls. Many are novice in this field and they are there to milk some quick money. So my word of caution for you is to book your trek with some well known trekking agencies or individuals who are expert. Also when trekking in heavy monsoon do look out for weather report beafore venturing there. There has been many cases of death due to negligence on this trek route. Prepare well and be cautious, after all you are there to enjoy the trek.

Missing Pune trekkers found dead at Maharashtra’s Devkund, police .

Alarmed over rising deaths, Raigad to keep register for trekkers – News

Mumbai: 55 students trapped at Devkund waterfalls rescued

How to Reach Devkund waterfalls from Pune.

The distance of Bhira village from Pune is around 170kms . And to there one has to reach the base of the Bhira Dam via Tamhini Ghat road  . Look out for a parking space and start for the trek.

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Google Map distance of Devkund Waterfalls from Pune : 170 kms

Google map distance of Devkund Waterfalls from Mumbai : 150kms

How to Reach Devkund waterfalls from Mumbai.

The Distance from Mumbai is around 150km to reach the starting point ,Bhira village.

Guides can also be hired at Bhira village at a nominal starting price of Rs 400 (contact Pramod -7276283442 or Prashant-8149365211 ) . Fooding facilities are also available at Rs 150 per head.

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